Dassault Falcon 6X

The Falcon 6X redefines the business jet travel experience with innovations in comfort, safety and technology…

Is your private jet starting to feel like a confined narrow tube with wings? Dassault may have a better option in the form of their Falcon 6X ultra-wide jet. Launched recently at the aviation convention EBACE in Geneva, the 6X claims to have the most spacious cabin in business aviation – allowing you to stretch your legs as far as your portfolio. 

6X spacious cabin

At 12 metres long, 2 metres high and 2.58 metres wide, the twin-jet beats out its main rival, the Gulfstream G500 in a measuring contest. Such size allows up to 16 passengers to explore three distinct spaces: a lounge, an office and a kitchen.

Now as the result of clientele feedback, the cabin gains a significant amount of natural light thanks to 29 adult size windows, including a skylight in the galley – the first in business aviation, bringing new meaning to the word skylight. When it comes to artificial lighting, occupants will be able to control it, along with the sound levels, and an advanced air filtration system, through a mobile app.

In terms of go, the Falcon reaches a maximum operating speed of 685km/h and can fly at a maximum of 51,000ft on the back of two Pratt & Whitney Pure Power PW812D engines, each with 13,000 to 14,000 pounds of thrust.  Even more impressive, it is capable of travelling 10,196 km – that’s Los Angeles to Geneva – without the need to restock fuel and drinks. The longer range is the result of an optimized wing structure, which offers greater lift/drag ratio and reduced turbulence.

The cockpit will feature the unique FalconEye Combined Vision System – a head-up display with enhanced and synthetic vision capabilities, while the FalconSphere II software includes an advanced 3D colour weather radar system. Both will provide unprecedented eagle-like awareness in difficult surroundings, providing a more reduced workload on the pilot than any other aircraft. Deliveries start in 2022 – and if it’s good enough for Kanye…

By Bill Varetimidis

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