Flying High with… Jennifer Cole

The sexy Ultra Tune ambassador returns to help celebrate MAXIM’s ninth birthday…

Hello, Jen, congrats on your second MAXIM Australia cover. Is it more fun the second time around?
Thanks! My first experience with MAXIM Australia was a dual cover with iconic Baywatch legend Pamela Anderson. More fun the second time around? Comparable, I think not, but the gratitude for both is indescribable. This is a new chapter in my life, and of course being on the front cover is a game changer.

What was the best thing about doing this with a private helicopter courtesy of HAWCS Aerial Survey Specialists?
Given the travel restrictions within Australia, let alone 2020, the freedom of flight – even for a moment – was beyond a breath of fresh air. The chopper is this beautiful emerald green and an elegant reminder of freedom, but the best thing was the unintentional advice given post shoot by the owner of HAWCS who said, “Have fun in this world, you only get one run at it in the end” – words of wisdom.

Where’s one place you’d fly the chopper to once COVID-19 travel restrictions are lifted?
Canada would be ideal but not sure helicopters are made for that. How about a vineyard? Wine and choppers are legal right? Quite frankly, take me to the chopper and up nice and high anywhere, please.

What have you been up to since we last saw you in MAXIM?
In 2020, during COVID-19, I feel like we are all going through phases – the good, the bad, the ugly, plus the overly happy and too many drinks days. It’s been a process. During lockdown I’ve mastered using Nerf guns and acquired a collection of toys that requires a suitcase – adult playtime has been entertaining for sure.!

Guess you gotta do whatever gets you through it, right? What else has kept you er… busy?
With the boundaries imposed on us and restrictions involving social, work, travel, etc… DIY home renovations have certainly kept me busy.

You star in the latest Ultra Tune TV commercial alongside Pamela Anderson, what can we expect from the next Ultra Tune ad or project?
Everything you can expect and not expect. This is Ultra Tune and the cliché “Unexpected Situations” ads are not going anywhere. Despite the unpredictability of the world and COVID-19, Ultra Tune’s commitment to motor vehicle maintenance is a recognisable sign of consistency.

What do you love most about being an Ultra tune ambassador?
I love cars, so representing an automotive company I’m proud of is a win-win. The comments on their Facebook page are entertaining, too – I think they are hilarious – yes, even the mean ones.

Being our ninth birthday this month, what gift would you give MAXIM, if you had to?
My birthday gift to MAXIM would be an exhibition showcasing what MAXIM really means. It’s a creative, vision of beauty, open-mindedness and ongoing quest, expressing a general truth or rule of conduct in a tactile format.

Woah, that is crazy, never heard us described this way before. Thanks! Speaking of crazy, what’s the craziest birthday you’ve ever had?
We hired a yacht in Canada and my best friend and I turned it into a debaucherous day – definitely one for the memories.

Sounds like fun. What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you on your birthday?
Having too many pre drinks and not being able to zip up my dress at dinner, then turning into a hot mess before “Happy Birthday” even had a chance to be sung.

What’s the best present you’ve ever been given?
Each year I get a watch for my birthday – it has turned into a tradition. Besides being a valuable accessory, time is a reminder of the most valuable commodity on earth. It’s the one thing you can spend but not buy. Ironic right?

Describe your dream birthday party in detail.
A surprise Birthday, I have never had one.

How did you celebrate your last birthday?
I didn’t, to me 2020 does not count in regards to birthdays. It is also the year that you therefore do not change in age.

What would people be most surprised to know about you?
I love books. Reading is one of the biggest luxuries in my life.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
Never take advice or criticism from someone who has not succeeded themselves.

What’s next for you?
Right now I’m focusing on the little things in life and so proud that we achieved this photo shoot given all the restrictions in place. It is so crazy how fulfilment and life values have been challenged this year. In this chaotic time, to be alive and happy is a blessing.

Where would you like to be in five years from now?
I’m fascinated with creative souls – the ones who obsess over details and think outside of the box. I would love to be surrounded by art and one day own a gallery that transcends the ordinary, somewhat rebellious, dramatic, erotic yet completely authentic pieces. This is definitely a goal. ■


FULL NAME: Jennifer Cruz Cole
BORN: May 14
HOMETOWN: Victoria, Canada
LIVES: Melbourne, Australia
FIVE-WORD SELF-DESCRIPTION: “Unpredictable, mysterious, sensual, chic and funny.”
HIDDEN TALENT: “Ballerina and tradeswoman.”
PHOBIA: “Feeling trapped.”
LIFE MOTTO: “Happiness is not given. It takes work and requires effort.”
INSTAGRAM: @missjen_cole

Photographed by ROCKY BACHELOR
Interview by SANTI PINTADO
Hair & Make-up SIMMY CARR

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