The Bentley EXP100 GT

Nothing says look at me luxury quite like excessive, sickening amounts of space, which is why Bentley’s 100th birthday present to itself is viewable from the moon.

In a very un-Bentley-like live stream, Bentley revealed their EXP 100 GT Coupe concept to the world — dedicated to their milestone and their egos.

It’s large, luxurious and on brand at 5.79 metres and 1899 kg — but unlike its bros, it’s entirely electric. But despite being petrol-less, it has enough power to haul to 100 km/h in only 2.5 seconds and a top speed of 300 km/h. Battery range is good for about 729 km.

One major can’t-look-away-from focus point is that massive grille, which isn’t actually a grille at all — because of all the electric-ness.

Its purpose is to display and communicate (through LEDs) whether the car is in autonomous mode or not. Bentley’s are usually all bonnet, but there is no big W12 engine to cover up here. Length is represented in the doors, which scissor upward like a Lamborghini Diablo’s — and are as long as a whole Mini Cooper.

Inside, biometric sensors monitor head movements and blood pressure and adapt to boost the wellbeing of passengers; sort of like an onboard GP/psychologist. ‘Enhance’ mode can replicate external conditions to the inside, ‘Cocoon’ ups the air purification, and ‘Capture’ records moments, to be replayed in ‘Re-Live’ mode. Everything is managed by the Bentley Personal Assistant AI, a next gen ‘OK Google’, which passengers can interact with by waving their hands or ringing a bell.

Bentley claim everything is rooted in reality, but the onboard Artificial Intelligence butler and interior materials such as 5,000 year-old oak and leather made from discarded wine-making grape pulp, make it more rooted in virtual reality. ■


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