Chevrolet Corvette C8

Following the criminal departure of our Ford and Holden’s V8s, us Aussie revheads seeking a local fuel-guzzler have been left enduring a Mad Max dry spell.

Holden, however, recently made an announcement sure to excite the yobbo in all of us. The Corvette, Chevrolet’s iconic Yank muscle machine since 1953, is set to hit the Australian market for the first time ever. With too many celebrity owners and film appearances to shake a stick at, it’s one of the most iconic cars to ever exist, and now we get our own – right-hand-drive of course.

Unlike the V8 Camaro models previously offered by HSV which underwent an insufferable left to right-hand-drive conversion in Melbourne, the Corvette C8 will be built to our needs in Kentucky before its ready hit Aussie car yards.

Ferrari and Lamborghini have their turbos, superchargers and electric engines, but this Corvette will have a 6.2L naturally aspirated petrol engine that will provide a brutal 369kW to the rear wheels through an 8 speed dual-clutch – similar to that found in the latest Porsche 911.

Like Formula 1 cars and select McLaren and Lotus models, the engine and transmission are positioned behind the driver for optimum weight distribution and maximum road destruction.

Chevrolet says the Corvette’s shape was inspired by modern fighter jets such as the Royal Australian Air Force’s F-35 – but this isn’t just about the need for speed. Far from just a bare knuckle stripped-down track day special, this Vette is available with cooled/heated seats, a heated steering wheel, folding targa-style roof and premium trim all good to go.

Expect little spare change from $200,000 by the time it reaches our driveways and tax system. In terms of supercar status, it’s still an American beast – but it will be a Commodore to us damn it.

Spec check

2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8
Engine: 6.2 litre V8
Transmission: 8 speed dual clutch
Power: 369 kW
Torque: 637Nm @ 5150rpm
Top Speed: 300 km/h +
0-100km/h: 3.0 sec
Price: $200,000 (est)

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Christina Riordan

Paige Nicole Woolen