The Good Sex Diet

Rude foods

Long regarded as a natural aphrodisiac, oysters are the food with the greatest level of zinc. What is zinc good for? Everything reproductive – hormones, blood vessels, mood.

Whole wheat
Arginine is an amino acid found abundantly in whole wheat, and it’s crucial for the production of nitric oxide, which is necessary for an erection!

Gobblers are good for another important love-enhancing amino acid – tryptophan. This stuff reduces anxiety, depression and insomnia, so pack some turkey in your lunch box.

Packed with vital vitamin E, almonds have antioxidant immune-supporting properties. The better you feel, the better you’ll, feel to her.

Baked beans
The B vitamins here are involved in the manufacture of the sex hormones and energy production, playing a crucial role in male reproductive health – and in bed.

Deflation Station

Sure, it’s beneficial for performance short-term, but high daily consumption may constrict the blood vessels and cause irritability, so don’t blame us for your performance issue.

Saturated fats
Bacon, cheese, fatty meat – they all potentially reduce blood flow to your penis. Now that we’ve got your attention, read on…

Trans fats
These are chemically altered for spreadability and shelf life in stuff like margarine. But they interfere with normal metabolism, clogging arteries and messing with your erection.

Sugar and refined carbohydrates
White bread, sweets and pastries are void of nutrients such as zinc. They also contribute to your risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

High sodium intake affects blood pressure by choking the arteries. Being some of the smallest, penile arteries may be the first affected. And no-one wants that!

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