The Opinion (SEPT 11) Kyle Sandilands

The shock jock and TV judge is single and ready to Bingle – but all she wants to do is talk. Unlike the other young women in his life…

Yes, I’m 40 and single. Why am I single? It’s not that I’m anti-relationship but a lot of my time goes into work and travel. I’ve got heaps of female friends in Australia and America. Some I sleep with and some I don’t. Some are buddies and some more than that.
I want to have a relationship in the future but I’m undecided as to when and how I’d like it to be. Like, is it too much to want the Hugh Hefner life where you’ve got three girls going at the one time? Society says it isn’t acceptable but, f–k, who wouldn’t want that? If I was living in Saudi Arabia, it’d totally be possible. I’ve been in the industry a long time and I’ve noticed the loneliest people on earth are female models, singers and actresses. Everyone thinks they’re unapproachable, so nobody goes and talks to them. But it’s easy pickings!

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