Wii are not amused


Stand-up veteran Dylan Moran yearns for an era without video game consoles

How would you define funny?
I could give you an accurate answer that would be more boring than funny. Or, it would be funny, insofar as that it was so far removed from what I was talking about that in the act of defining it I would fold myself over in trying to describe something that was, in essence, indescribable.
Well played. How have things changed since you started doing stand-up almost two decades ago?
It’s a different generation of guys out there now. I don’t know what they’re talking about a lot of the time. They’re talking about video games and what’s on TV and all that kind of shit. They’re talking about media a lot of the time and I don’t care about that. Everything is mediated now. Reality is experienced through a medium and not first hand. Instead of riding a bike, you’re on a Wii pretending to ride your bike. Do you know what a Wii is?
Right. Well I’d like to meet somebody who didn’t know what a Wii was.
Since you’re returning to our shores, we assume that you somewhat enjoy Australia. What conclusions have you drawn about our people?
I don’t think the bad stereotypes hold up anymore. It’s a country that’s much admired and all that shit about the cultural cringe is old news. I’ve noticed you have about 5000 people a week flying over from Ireland to come and work in shoe shops.
You fly around a fair bit. Do you have a favourite airport?
I was at George Best [Belfast City] Airport recently and was thinking that they should have more airports named after alcoholics. Dean Martin International or something like that.

For details on Dylan’s tour Yeah, Yeah visit: www.abpresents.com.au. He’ll also have audiences peeing their pants at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival: http://www.sydneyoperahouse.com/justforlaughs

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