Adventure in The Outer Worlds

It’s a case of Fallout meets Mass Effect with the style of BioShock in this all new game from legendary RPG developer Obsidian Entertainment.

Game Name: The Outer Worlds
Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
Genre: RPG
Formats: PC, XBO, PS4, Switch
Release: October 25 (Switch TBA)

There are four key ingredients to a great RPG. The story needs to be engaging; combat must be fun; the world should feel immense; and you have to feel like every action you make is meaningful. Get these elements right and the net result is player immersion. We love RPGs for that. They can immerse you like no other genre, capturing your imagination for hundreds of hours.

One developer who long ago mastered the RPG is Obsidian (Knights of the Old Republic, Dungeon Siege, Fallout, South Park: The Stick of Truth) and the American developer has brought its powers to bare on an all new IP, The Outer Worlds. The results are awesome.

The Outer Worlds is set in an alternate history, branching off in 1901 from the timeline we know. Megacorporations have taken over and powered space exploration into the distant edges of space. Your character is on a colony ship heading out to the frontier, but it crashes, leaving everyone but you trapped in cryosleep. Left to survive on your own, you must make your way across the planet, and eventually to other planets, seeking to understand the true nature of why you were sent out there in the first place.

The first thing you will notice about Outer Worlds is the alien environment. It’s beautiful, exotic and invites adventure. Visually the game is a treat and as you roam the open-world, you’ll find hidden caves, rebel outposts, bizarre natural formations and odd creatures. The production quality extends to character interactions, where the near-lifelike NPCs and top voice cast make conversation feel very organic. You’ll spend a fair bit of time in dialogue trees, making decisions that can branch the story and determine which sidequests you discover.

Thankfully, combat is also a blast. Encounters are frequent, and the mix of high-tech weapons and futuristic powers feel great. Everything unfolds from the first-person, and where some RPGs can feel stilted and uncomfortable when the bullets fly, The Outer Worlds is buttery smooth. The ability to slow time (when your meter is full) as you fire off bullets feels straight-up cool.

Naturally, as the game progresses you unlock more abilities, level-up your perks and stats, and further refine your character. This in term changes your battle strategy. You also gain companions, too, who you can order in battle to further deepen the way you can handle any fight. Imagine Mass Effect as an FPS and you have the right idea.

The Outer Worlds is a game that not only has the universe depth and catalogue of characters we expect from BioWare and Bethesda, but also the attention to detail, and style, of BioShock. It’s a combination that is truly mesmerising. When you layer on top a seriously addictive combat system and endless amounts of loot and customisation options, you’ve got a fantastic RPG.

Set your co-ordinates to buy.

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