Sensual Soraya

Behold the mind-blowing exotic beauty of North Queensland model SORAYA JOHNSTON, runner-up in the 2019 MAXIM Cover Girl Australia competition. You’re welcome…

What was your favourite part of entering the MAXIM Cover Girl competition?
Knowing the money we raised went to a good cause. People could vote for free, once a day, or pay for additional votes. Over 500 girls were accepted into the competition and each week entrants had to get the most votes to keep going through to the next stage of the competition until there were eight finalists. Coming from Mount Isa in Queensland, I was very surprised I got this far. By the end of the competition I had raised $24,000 in paid votes for the KT Foundation.

Nice work! What made you enter the competition?
My friends approached me about entering into the competition always telling me to enter, so I applied with a photo and short bio about myself, and I was accepted. Going home and getting great support from the community really pushed me to do it more.

Did you always want to be a model?
I used to dress up when I was a little girl and make my family sit down in front of me and watch me dance, sing, pose and walk down the corridor with my best strut. So, yes, my poor family!

You travel a lot for your occupation. If you could travel anywhere where would you go?
Greece, for sure.

What do you do in your free time when you are not modelling?
I love the outdoors, a nice cafe and a good book.

Who is your biggest celebrity crush, male or female?
This is so hard, but I would have to say Victoria’s Secret legend Adriana Lima. Wow!

Tell us what your ideal date would entail.
A sunset view on the beach with an Italian picnic set up.

What is the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?
If you were a Transformer, you would be Optimus Fine!

Oh dear. What are some of your hobbies?
Going to the gym, reading, watching documentaries and hikes.

How will you use this MAXIM Cover Girl competition experience to your advantage going forward?
I have faith that this will open doors for me to further my modelling career. I hope I can use this status to help out in the community with our youth and teach them that anything is possible. My dream goal is to be a role model for the people of Mount Isa. I know there are a lot of them who think there is not much they can do being here, or that they can’t break the cycle, but this is where it all started for me. ■


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