Citroen’s Calm, Clear and Cool… Conceptual Creation

Citroen have provided the world with some of the craziest, most out-there concept cars imaginable. Their previous effort was the boxy Ami One — a soul-less, industrial- looking electric city minibus. With the 19_19 concept, though, there is more room for open-road feels once the autonomous driving mode is switched off and you hook into the corners yourself.

Put together for the VivaTech Paris Expo, the most glaring feature is the oversized 30-inch rims, with spongy paper-thin tyres designed to help reduce road noise and increase driver win. If that wasn’t enough, the ‘Progressive Hydraulic Cushion’ active suspension system virtually creates a floating cabin, sensing the road ahead through, umm, sensors, that allow a bump-free ride.

Because the entire body is made from glass — or something glassy — you can look down and see the road beneath you, creating a trippy experience when hitting speed on the freeways. The dash is minimal to non-existent, replaced instead by a ‘Hello Citroen’ voice assistant. The front passenger seat angles back like a banana lounge, with all that’s missing being some incense and calming ocean music.

Even though Elon Musk has stated that LiDAR 3D laser mapping is overrated, Citroen’s designers ignored the memo and slapped two on top of this concept, in aero pods on the back of the roof. Although it’s not a selling point, Citroen says the 19_19 will have a 100 kWh battery, a 340 kW 4WD drive train, and 20-minute wireless inductive quick-charging delivering 600 km of range. Relax guy, you had us at ‘Hello, Citroen’. ■


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